Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Lucky Number 37 Day!!!

Every day is several national and international holidays and
probably a few personal holidays too.
No wonder we're so busy!
I thought I should have a few personal holidays of my own.
Today is one of them; first anniversary this year.
I could have called it No Name day but that might be confusing in
relation to No Name's birthday on the third of July.
I could have called it "fall off a horse day" or "break your arm
day" but that probably would be frowned upon by parents and
medical people.
So it's "lucky number 37 day":
I live at number 37,
the medical center where my favourite physiotherapists are is at
number 37
and I was 37 when my favourite horse gave me a reason to visit
that medical center and meet those great people.
So in honour of heart-dwelling horses and people and interesting

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