Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just what I wanted to know

On the bus, on my way to a friend, I meet a man who starts to ask me questions about
"life as a blind person": how do I know when to get off, how do I cook, how do I read
email or surf the web?
I must admit I had hoped for a quiet journey, no conversations, some time to read.
This man's eagerness to learn, to investigate new things, the way he asks his
questions and can barely stand to wait for my answers - he'd take the words from my
mouth if he could :) - makes me think of my cousin. A happy thought.
His young, boyish voice and the words he uses and a thing or two he mentions about
his life remind me of a man I met years ago, a few times on the bus going to work.
While we're waiting for our next bus my curiosity gets the better of me.
Shall I just ask if he's Rick or is that a breach of privacy?
I ask him if he has, or had, anything to do with our local radio station.
He says no, "my boss wouldn't like it very much if I did".
He does work for a radio station though, a big one.
Hmmmm, interesting he has things in common with Rick - and his voice too if I
remember correctly.
His phone rings. He answers and says his first name. A different name; he's not Rick.
Funny, if I had waited five minutes longer he would have answered my question without
my asking.

Later at my friend's house while he is making coffee I contemplate whether or not I
will tell him about the call the other day. An AT company called me but did not leave
a message. I'm curious of course but decided to call back only if they call again.
But I'm curious... Is it interesting enough to tell my friend if I don't even know
why they called? Perhaps he has an idea why they called...
My friend appears in the doorway.
"I got a call from (name of the same AT company)," he says.
"Really? So did I! But I don't know why they called. Didn't leave a message."
"They're conducting a survey among their customers."
Funny how he starts to talk about something I'm thinking about and answers my
Funny how twice this evening I had a question in my head that was - or would have
been - answered before I asked.

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