Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To M.

Your name will never sound the same again
Because now it is you; you gave it identity,
Added your warmth and love to it
And at its heart lies your beautiful sense of wonder
That touches our souls with the promise
Of countless possibilities, opportunities
To encounter the beauty that emerges
Or the joke that pops up
Out of (what appears to be) the daily grind
If only we receive,
Not bound by our own expectations
Which so easily lead to disappointment and criticism
But open and anticipating, letting it surprise us;
With our hearts and our senses wide open
So we won't miss a precious moment.
That sense of wonder radiates a life so contagious,
It makes our souls come alive
When we share in its joyful excitement.
So stay true to yourself;
Please don't ever lose yourself!
May nothing ever dim the light within you;
And if you find a weakness in yourself
Or someone points it out to you
Don't EVER allow anyone to convince you,
Least of all yourself,
That your weakness is more important than your strengths;
Your gift to this world is a rare and precious one.
May you find true comfort when you're sad
And a way out of any trouble.
I wish you love and happiness;
I hope and pray that your wondering soul
Will be well preserved forever.

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